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Cabin Fever Fair Booth 2018

When you make both arts and crafts, it can be difficult to find the perfect venue to sell. I got lucky this past weekend. I set up a booth at the Cabin Fever Art, Craft & Marketplace Show held in Maumee, Ohio. This show put on by Cloud Productions brought out the perfect variety of customers and lots of them. Having a wide range of items for sale worked really well for their huge and very diverse audience. Can’t wait until next year. I have to go make things now . . .



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Retrogression by Pamela Towns

Lately, some in our society have been highlighting a serious retrogression to the way things were; when minorities were repressed; women had no say and people were condemned for who they loved. Small minds; backward thinking and the need for supremacy still haunts us.

Mixed-media collage with vintage papers and ink.
6″ x  6″