Out of the Fog


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Out of the Fog by Pamela Towns

This piece is the final in a series that began as one single image. After my initial completion, I simply hated it. Just before throwing it away, I tried saving this piece from the rest and ended up liking the rest of it cut smaller.

This piece is 8″ x 8″.

See the full series below.

Artist Series by Pamela Towns

Six pieces from one canvas.

The Collage Maker’s Scrap Deck

The Collage Maker's Scrap Deck

One hundred papers from my many favorite vintage books, newspapers, and notebooks combined in these padded tablets make collage creation so much easier. I no longer have to drag out 50 (or more) paper sources to find that perfect texture, type, or shade of neutral for my collages. It worked so well for me, I made many more to share with other collage artists. See the flip-through and order yours today!!!