Critical Questions


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Critical Questions by Pamela Towns

Asking those critical questions gets us to the TRUTH. Believing everything we hear from a single, biased source, can lead to misunderstandings, the spreading of lies, and bad decisions.

Mixed-media abstract collage with found papers, book spine, plastic, watercolor pencil, and cardboard stencil.

8″ x 8″

Eve of Destruction


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Eve of Destruction by Pamela Towns

We are in very challenging times. In just one episode of the evening news, we hear about the negative results of climate change and misinformation; the aftermath of a 2-decade war; the death tolls from natural disasters and a global pandemic; the ongoing dissension between races, medical experts and anti-vaxxers, and political parties; and the theft of human rights to choose, to vote, or to be of color while exercising freedoms.

Mixed-media collage from vintage headlines and found papers.

8″ x 8″

Joy Ride


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Joy Ride by Pamela Towns

With our world currently in topsy turvy due to the discontent, the dissonance, the discrimination, and the natural disturbances, it isn’t quite a joy ride. So I’m praying for a nice loop-de-loop to set us on a better course.

This mixed-media abstract collage has the word “hope” included in the found papers.

8″ x 8″